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ūüĒ•Hot Offers ūü•≥Childhood Education Textbook

ūüĒ•Hot Offers ūü•≥Childhood Education Textbook

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ūüė≤ ūüė≤Is it important to you that your child is prepared for writing, reading and painting in a simple and playful way?

The best preparation for learning to write, read and draw for boys and girls aged 2-6.


  • This extensive kindergarten and preschool booklet with coloring pages and brain games offers varied exercises to promote fine motor skills, concentration and hand-eye coordination.

  • Writing¬†- Writing by hand is a highly complex process involving fine lines, loops, arcs and curves.¬†If you master it, it will not only improve your writing fluency but also help you learn to read.
  • With this exercise book you can playfully develop your child's graphomotor skills and prepare them for writing letters and numbers.¬†Particularly suitable for 2 to 6 year olds in kindergarten, preschool, for starting school and the first years of school.


  • Lines and shapes for beginners:¬†Simple and short exercises ensure early success and the recognition of directions, shapes and lines as well as initial experiences in hand-eye coordination.

  • Curves and arcs for advanced learners:¬†loops, hooks and changes of direction improve the child's feeling for holding and guiding the pencil correctly.
  • Symbols and pictures:¬†Drawing the first simple pictures and figures is fun, strengthens your child's self-confidence and also develops their imagination.¬†It unconsciously supports a feeling for mathematical figures, signs and symmetries.


  • Material:¬†Papier

  • Size:145*215mm
  • Color:¬†as shown

  • Suitable age:¬†2-6 years old


  • 1 set √ó children's education textbook
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