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🔥Hot Sale🔥 Spraying Whale Toy

🔥Hot Sale🔥 Spraying Whale Toy

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Looking To Spoil Your Little One With A ‘NEW’ Gift?

Get the only bath toy you need to put a smile on your little one’s face!

"I got this bath toy in hopes to make our bathtime more enjoyable with my baby and it has definitely done it's job!!" - Steph E


It’s hard nowadays to get little one’s interested in baths.👶 

Especially when you are working with boring duck toys that simply floats.
Order yours today to spoil your little one for a whale watching adventure!!!🐳👶
  •  Blows Water Like A Real Whale

Cute round whale shape design, so that the toy floats on the water, swimming like a whale, but also imitate the whale spouting water, so that the bath becomes a fun game!

  • ‘Mood-Lifting’ Disco Lights

This whale bath toy can send out different colors of lights, just like disco strobe lights! Make your child feel passionate and happy!

  • Waterproof & Safe For Babies

Maybe your little one is prone to whack or kick anything in their sight. No worries, the battery box is water tightly sealed with durable silicone covers to prevent leakage. 

  • Quality materials

Our toys are made of high quality materials, absolutely non-toxic and non-hazardous, smooth and soft shell to make the baby play happy and safe.



✅ Instantly make your bath routine easier & more enjoyable

✅ No more difficult bath times

✅ Time to take your bath routine to a whole new level of excitement

✅ Waterproof and baby safe design

✅ LED Lights to brighten up bath times

✅ Increases imaginative skills & colour recognition

✅ Over 10,000 happy customers



Powered by 3 x AAA batteries The water toy has an automatic sensing function to help it's navigation. When placed in the water, it will automatically sense the water sucked from the bottom and spray a water column into the air. After leaving the water, all effects will stop immediately. No manual operation is required.

The Baby Bath Whale Toy provides the right balance of stimulation and excitement for your child. This toy will entertain your child and provide a fun sensory experience during bath time.

✔️ Enhances strength and agility- The Bath Toys help with the development of gross motor skills and core control as your little one follows it through the water.

✔️ Imaginative skills- The colourful LED lights and animated water encourages creative play during bath time.



  • Product name: Induction water spray whale
  • Applicable age: 3 years old and above
  • Color selection: gray / white
  • Product size: 11 * 10 * 9cm
  • Product packaging: color box packaging
  • Package size: 10.2 * 10 * 9cm
  • Product material: ABS + electronic components
  • Product description: need to be loaded into 3 AAA batteries (not included), put into the water, induction automatic water spray with seven-color cycle lights

Package includes

1/2*Spraying Whale Bath Toy

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